Getting the job done with the best people and technology

We have the right people, equipment and technology to make your project come in on time and on budget. The Ottawa Film Office is dedicated to getting what you need, when you need it.


Great crews

The Ottawa Film Office will find the people you’re looking for. Ottawa has an extensive roster of film and TV professionals, including grips, gaffers, DOPs and others. Our crews have the talent, experience and expertise needed to see your project through from start to finish.


State-of-the-art equipment

Ottawa stocks the latest production equipment. From the RED and the ARRI Alexas all the way through to generators, dollies, tripods and teleprompters, we have everything you need.


Experienced post-production

Ottawa has globally recognized and award-winning companies that specialize in post-production. We have the facilities and experienced industry professionals needed to complete your project. You will find experts in audio, motion graphics, editing, special effects and so many other aspects of your production, from rushes and screeners to scoring.


Client-focused support services

Ottawa boasts every type of support service you need—before, during and after your production. Ottawa offers five-star hotels and all-suite properties, security, insurance, costume rentals, catering and so much more.


Talent and casting

Ottawa features a number of top talent agencies representing the country’s finest actors, writers and directors, as well as a significant roster of local actors to fill all your casting needs.