Whether you’re a local, visiting or student production company, the Ottawa Film Office will help you obtain all the necessary permits and permissions you will need for filming on City of Ottawa lands.

Through our agreement with the City of Ottawa, we are charged with coordinating all filming requests, parking requests, full and intermittent road closure requests and special equipment requests (use of pyrotechnics, aerial shots etc.). There is no fee to apply for any of these permits; however, some fees may apply to reserve parking spaces, road closures, signage and paid duty officers, etc. required for your shoot.

Apply For Filming

Before applying to film on City of Ottawa property, make sure you read and understand the filming guidelines and code of conduct. To avoid complications with your shoot, this document should be shared with your cast and crew prior to filming.

Please send all forms and documents to info@ottawa.film. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The first step is the complete the Production Information Form. This form allows our office to obtain important information regarding productions that shoot in Ottawa, including the economic impact of the film and television industry in Ottawa. The collected data is confidential and will be aggregated before we share it with our government stakeholders. Incomplete forms will not be processed and filming permits will not be issued until our office has received the Production Information Form.

If you are requesting to film on a City of Ottawa street or sidewalk, or in a City facility, fill out and submit the Filming Approval Application at least 5 business days before your shoot date.

Requests to film on land owned or managed by the National Capital Commission (NCC) must be directed to its Contact Centre at (613) 239-5000 or info@ncc-ccn.ca for proper referral. Please contact our office if you aren’t sure about your filming location’s jurisdiction.

Basic Information Documents – Required for all filming requests

PLEASE NOTE: You will first need to save the PDFs to your computer and then fill them out using the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Production Information Form
  • Synopsis - you must provide a short (under 1 page) synopsis/description of your project in Word or PDF format
  • Indemnification Letter - fill out the bold sections and send it along with the other required documents
  • Certificate of Insurance – to be provided by your insurance broker. A minimum of $2 million in general liability is required and the certificate must be issued in the names of the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Film Office:

City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Ave. W.
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

Ottawa Film Office
104-55 Murray St.
Ottawa, ON K1N 5M3

Additional Permit Request Documents

Filming Approval Application (5 business days' notice is required)

Parking Permit Application (3 business days' notice is required)

City of Ottawa Parks Application (3 business days' notice is required)

Request for Access to Parliament Hill (10 business days’ notice is required)

Application for Road Closure (5-10 business days’ notice is required)

Pyrotechnics Approval Form (30 business days’ notice is required)

Notice to Residents and Businesses (must be completed and submitted if filming in a residential or commercial area at least 72 hours in advance)